The wild roses epitomize the intricate blend of passion, fragility, and longing in human life ...
Painting , 2023
Art Series - Wild Nature

In the soft, hazy light of dawn, amidst the whispers of a gentle breeze, the wild roses dance upon the dew-kissed meadows, their delicate petals bathed in the blush of morning.

Oh, how they stir the depths of the soul, their thorns a reminder of life’s bittersweet embrace.

For in their untamed beauty lies a tale as old as time itself—a symphony of love and longing, of joy and sorrow.

Like the human heart, they bloom with fervent passion, yet guard their secrets with a silent grace, weaving a tapestry of emotions that binds us to the very essence of existence.

For in the wild roses, we glimpse the fragility of life, the fleeting moments of ecstasy, and the eternal longing for connection that defines the human condition.

Drawing MediaAcrylics Charcoal
SurfaceCanvasboard with Gesso
ToolsBrushes Charcoal pencil Charcoal stick
Dimensions20 20   CM
This artwork can be collected
Wild Roses

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ArtworkPainting , 2023
Dimensions20 20   CM
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